Porto Boat

The Porto Boat is the younger of our two vessels, with a slightly smaller capacity than the Natal BoatIt has undergone expensive reconstruction and modernisation to provide a high degree of comfort.

A restaurant and a fully-stocked bar will be at your disposal during the whole cruise to make your stay on board even more satisfying. And do not forget to climb on a sundeck!

We have installed two new LCD televisions on board for tracking the tour course in detail. So, if you are having lunch, you won’t miss a thing! The LCD televisions can also be put to good use during company events, conferences and seminars.

A camera system monitored on the bridge was installed to improve control of the boat and thus increase passenger safety. The system provides the captain a perfect view.

Porto in detail:

  • The ship has been cruising the Vltava river since 1988, but it was completely reconstructed in 2006
  • Width: 5.4 m
  • Length: 32 m
  • Seating capacity inside the ship: 60 seats + glass room on the bow
  • Seating capacity on the sundeck: 86 seats
  • The vessel is completely covered by sound system and your guide will have a cordless microphone
  • All ship interiors are fully air-conditioned and heated during cooler months
  • The sundeck is covered with a canopy

The Porto

The saloons

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