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There are many types of events, and each has a particular format and requires specific types of refreshments. Everything should be perfect, down to the last detail.  We, therefore, offer a range of refreshment options, from which you can select the most suitable for your event.

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Wine Reception

This event is suitable for very special occasions, such as a business deal, government meeting, business meetings or exhibition previews.

  • Light refreshments in bowls or on trays, served by friendly waitstaff
  • Alcoholic drinks: mainly wine and champagne
  • Food is carefully chosen to complement the drinks
  • The event takes approximately half an hour
  • Can be served at any time during the day



Cocktail Party

To make your event special, why not hold a cocktail party?

  • Waitstaff circulate among guests offering them food served in bowls or on trays
  • Selection of hot and cold dishes
  • In terms of organisation and costs, this is the simplest form of event
  • No limit to cocktail ingredients
  • The cocktail party can be held in the morning or afternoon, and takes approximately two hours




Banquets are suitable for events requiring a particular protocol and etiquette

  • The banquet complies with a specific procedure
  • Dishes are served are based on dining protocol; guests sit at the table in accordance with a seating plan
  • Professional waitstaff take care of guest needs and the overall event




Ideal for large gatherings, and groups who want to make connections and mix with others.

  • Every guest receives a welcome drink
  • A wide selection of finger food, sandwiches, salads and others are laid out on several tables
  • Standing buffet; seating can be arranged if necessary
  • Varied selection of food; guests help themselves



Classic Menu

Suitable for a group of guests on one of our sailings or who are hiring our boat for a company event.

  • The meal is served as lunch or dinner
  • A wide selection of cold and hot dishes
  • Full selection of alcoholic and soft drinks



Exclusive Menu

Designed specifically for the discerning diner who enjoys luxury, and excellent, beautifully presented food. The meal is served as lunch or dinner and is the perfect way to round off a cruise with us.

  • Includes high quality wine, a starter, main course and dessert
  • Our friendly staff take care of the dinner
  • A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is offered
  • The menu can be agreed with the client



Wedding Reception

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life, so the food and drink for this event has to be perfect.

  • The food on our wedding menu tastes and looks wonderful
  • The menu is always chosen by the bride and groom

We have many years of experience in organising weddings. We can take care not only of the reception itself, but also all aspects of your wedding day


Table Arrangements

We can organise all forms of table arrangements, in any style and for any group. We can come up with great ideas, and we know how to create a really enjoyable event. Our team takes care of the arrangements to ensure that your event is as relaxing, enjoyable and special as possible. 

The table arrangement is the basis for an important event but also enhances it, and we can create an eye-catching design to add something special to a standard event. It is up to you which type of arrangement you choose:

Table decorations

We can host events for 2 to 100 people, and everything is up to you. If you are not sure about the style or colour scheme, our professional team is on hand to help you.


Slavnostní dorty 

Celebration cakes

Everyone loves a celebration cake, and no party would be complete without one. A cake also adds to the atmosphere of a party.

We can supply your celebration cake. Simply let us know your requirements, including the colour and decoration, and we will help ensure that it helps make your celebration very special.

  • Take a look at some of the beautiful cakes that we have produced and be inspired.

Cocktail tables

Cocktail tables lend every event the proper pizzazz and elegance. They are visually appealing and an ideal place for communication in groups.


Spice up your cruise with


Music is an essential part of every event, whether it is a company party, or a get together with family or friends. We can arrange whatever type of music you like.

On our boat you can listen to classical music, retro hits, something modern, jazz or country and western.

Choose from a variety of types:

  • Accordion
  • Accordion and violin
  • DJ
  • Country and western band
  • Jazz
  • Dixieland

Each event goes with a particular type of music. If you are not sure what to choose, we would be glad to advise you.  Or, if you have specific request, we would be pleased to accommodate your needs.


Coctail Bar

No company event or party would be complete without our cocktail bar.

  • Cocktail bars
  • Barman shows
  • Cocktail mixing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks)

One or more barmen can take part in the show. We can create cocktails according to your wishes, depending on your favourite flavours or company colours.



A casino with games always adds lots of fun to an occasion, such as a company celebration or party with friends. 

  • American roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack single deck
  • Poker
  • ...and more

The thrill and excitement adds a new dimension. But there is no risk because we always use only fake money, and the prizes on offer are small.


Whisky Night

The Whisky Night is a Scottish night, with a chance to try Scottish whisky, as well as brands from other countries, accompanied by whatever food you wish. It includes:

  • Kilts (including for guests)
  • Scottish band and Scottish country dancing
  • Presentation and tasting of Scotch whisky (single malt and blended)
  • Brands from other countries (Irish, American, Scottish and Czech)

The presentation is projected on a screen, with a talk on the history of whisky, how it is produced, and interesting facts about brands, both Scottish and global. Of course, there is also a chance to sample whisky.


cigar night

Cigar Night

For cigar lovers, we offer presentations about cigars, including world-class cigars. We will tell you about:

  • Buying and storing
  • Cutting and lighting
  • Smoking

The presentation features a talk by an expert on the history and production of cigars. You will also have the opportunity to sample some snuff.


Wine Night

Add a special touch of class to your company event with our Wine Night, with a lecture and tasting of fine Moravian wines.

  • Degustation: white and red wines
  • Talk by a sommelier or oenologist
  • Refreshments (cheese board, smoked meats, fruit and vegetables, bread)

During the lecture and tasting you will also learn more about how the grapes are grown, as well as production and storage of Moravian wines.


Rum Night

The Rum Night is for all those who savour the delicate flavour of rum. It goes perfectly with our company party on our boat. During the event you can sample premium-quality rum.

  • Latin American rum
  • Caribbean rum
  • Refreshments (cheese board, smoked meats, fruit and vegetables, bread)

Our taster will tell introduce you to the history and modern technology of rum production, and will tell you about serving and tasting rum.


Cognac Night

Cognac Night

Make your company party or other events special with a talk on and sampling of quality French cognacs at our Cognac Night. You can try:

  • Degustation of French cognacs
  • Refreshments (cheese board, smoked meats, fruit and vegetables, bread)

Our taster will tell you more about the history and modern technology of rum production. You will learn how to serve and taste rum as well as recognise the various fragrances of this drink.


Tequila Night

It is not only Mexican food that goes well with tequila. Make your event go with a swing at our Tequila Night.

  • Tasting of Mexican tequila brands
  • Refreshments (Mexican specialities are available to order)

A talk on the history and production oftequila, and myths about the drink, from our taster.


Spirit Night

Spirit Night is a unique offer for company events focused on traditional fruit-based spirits, such as plum brandy (slivovice) and others.

  • tasting of traditional fruit-based spirits, both domestic and international
  • refreshments (cheese board, smoked meats, fruit and vegetables, bread)

The event includes a talk on how the spirits are produced, how they are blended with others, and how to serve them.


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