Porto Boat

Porto Boat

The Porto Boat is the younger of our two vessels, with a slightly smaller capacity than the Natal Boat. Thanks to an extensive reconstruction and modernization, the ship provides all passenger comforts and altogether pleasant atmosphere. The ship is heated and air-conditioned, making it possible to enjoy trips in winter just as well as in summer.

A restaurant and a fully-stocked bar will be at your disposal during the whole cruise to make your stay on board even more satisfying. And do not forget to climb on a sundeck!

PORTO in detail

  • the ship has been cruising the Vltava river since 1988, but it was completely reconstructed in 2006
  • width: 5.4 m
  • length: 32 m
  • seating capacity inside the ship: 60 seats + glass room on the bow
  • seating capacity on the sundeck: 86 seats
  • the vessel is completely covered by sound system and your guide will have a cordless microphone
  • all ship interiors are fully air-conditioned
  • the sundeck is covered with a canopy
Natal Boat

Natal Boat

The Natal Boat is the bigger and older of the two vessels. It was also completely reconstructed and it offers modern furnishings and technical facilities. Thanks to its capacity and facilities, this ship is especially suitable for big social or company events...

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The Porto